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The Miracle Morning


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Hal's Wrecked Ford Mustang

Hal’s Ford Mustang

Hal In a Coma

Hal In a Coma

Hal's 1st Step

Hal’s 1st Step

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1,100+ 5-Star Reviews!
  • #1 Speaker at our national conferencetwo years in a row!

    -Cutco Cutlery
  • Most entertaining, authentic, and engaging speakers in the world.

    -Front Row Foundation
  • His message was BY FAR the highlight of our meeting.

    -Mary Kay Cosmetics
  • Hal was unanimously agreed to be the best speaker we’ve ever had.

    -Dairy Deli Baker Council
  • I was thanked repeatedly for bringing Hal in to speak.

    -Countrywide Home Loans
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