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1,100+ 5-Star Reviews!
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“Our members absolutely loved Hal’s keynote and rated him 9.7 out of 10. That never happens.”
— EO New York (Entrepreneurs’ Organization)

Hal Elrod is one of America’s most in-demand keynote speakers. His unique blend of inspiration, stand-up-comedy-style humor, story-telling and proven results-oriented strategies add up to an experience your group will thank you for repeatedly, and never forget!

Featured Keynote: “THE MIRACLE MORNING”

Audience: Corporate/Association/Non-Profit/Educators
75 minutes + (Optional) Book Signing and Q&A

Now translated and published in 37 countries, Hal Elrod’s #1 international bestselling book, The Miracle Morning has hundreds of thousands of people around the world waking up to their full potential — in life and at work. 

Hal delivers what is being called the simplest approach to empowering each individual to perform at his or her best. It’s been right there in front of us, but The Miracle Morning finally brings it to life.

The Not-So-Obvious Secrets Hal Will Share With Your Group Include:

  • The 95% Reality Check: The Most Common But Unknown Causes of Mediocrity and What You Must Do NOW To Avoid Them
  • The Life S.A.V.E.R.S.®: 6 Practices Guaranteed to Save You From a Life of Unfulfilled Potential.
  • The 5-Step Snooze Proof Wake Up Strategy
    (For the Snooze-aholics)
  • The 6-minute Miracle Morning: A Proven Way To Accelerate Your Personal Growth (In only 6 minutes a day)
  • From Unbearable To Unstoppable:The Most Effective Strategy To Transform Your Habits (In 30 days) and Get Them To Stick for Life

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1,100+ 5-Star Reviews!
  • #1 Speaker at our national conferencetwo years in a row!

    -Cutco Cutlery
  • Most entertaining, authentic, and engaging speakers in the world.

    -Front Row Foundation
  • His message was BY FAR the highlight of our meeting.

    -Mary Kay Cosmetics
  • Hal was unanimously agreed to be the best speaker we’ve ever had.

    -Dairy Deli Baker Council
  • I was thanked repeatedly for bringing Hal in to speak.

    -Countrywide Home Loans
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